Creating deliciously beautiful cakes

Cake Flavours and Fillings

Cakes baked fresh with premium quality ingredientsBaked fresh from scratch!Coconut Cake

All our cakes are deliciously moist and baked fresh, from packet mixes! We choose to use only fresh, premium quality ingredients, real butter and free range eggs because we firmly believe, that all our cakes should taste, as divine as they look! Our cake flavours are traditional favourites, and each recipe has been modified and perfected, to create a beautifully moist cake, that's never sickly sweet!

Cake Flavours:
{For multi tiered cakes, you can have a different flavour for each tier}

::Chocolate Mud Cake:
A decadently rich, moist and dense cake, made with real Belgian Chocolate. It's not overly sweet and still our most popular flavour. This is the only cake suitable for novelty/sculpted cakes, as it carves and holds it's shape really well.

::White Chocolate Mud Cake:
If you love the creamy nutty flavour of white chocolate, this cake has loads of it! This is our second most popular flavour.

::Vanilla Cake:
A deliciously fragrant butter cake, made with natural vanilla beans and Pure Vanilla Extract. It has a delicious, melt in your mouth crumb and velvety texture. A family favourite!

::Chocolate Swirl Cake:
A beautiful, moist, black and white marble cake, made with Dark and White Chocolate swirls. This cake has a lovely velvety texture and scrumptious, buttery crumb.

::Coconut Cake:
A very delicate and aromatic cake, perfectly light and full of moist coconut flakes soaked in coconut milk. Always a favourite for weddings.

::Banana Cake:
A beautifully moist banana cake with a soft and delicate crumb. Made with real, ripe bananas and a special blend of sweet spices for added depth of flavour.

::Lemon Cake:
A new addition to our family of classic cakes, this is a sweet, full flavoured lemon cake! Made from the juice and zest of real lemons, to create a fresh, yet sweet, lemon taste.

::Fruit Cake: (Surcharge applies)
A beautiful traditional recipe packed with lots of dried fruit, soaked in Brandy and slow baked overnight. It matures to a deep, mellow and well rounded spicy, flavour. This cake is the only flavour we would recommend, if you want to keep the top tier of your wedding cake.

Natural Vanilla Bean Pods


Cake Fillings:
::Dark Chocolate Ganache
::White Chocolate Ganache

All our cakes are torted (cut into layers) and filled with either a Dark or White Chocolate Ganache, then covered with a thin layer of fondant icing to seal in the freshness of your chosen cake flavour.

Gluten Free & Nut Free Cakes:
Please be advised that we currently do not have an Allergy Free Menu and all our cakes are prepared in a kitchen where wheat-flour, nuts and nut products are used. Please advise all guests with allergies.